No more missing out on the outdoors or being miserable during the Spring and Fall! The ultimate in environmental allergy treatment is here.

Allergy Arts uses sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) to desensitize the body to environmental allergens. SLIT starts with an all-natural saline serum containing extracts of many allergens in the environment. The serum is taken daily as under-the-tongue droplets that absorb into the bloodstream through special cells in the mouth. Over time, the body can become desensitized to these allergens, minimizing allergic reactions.
SLIT reduces symptoms and the need for medication for environmental allergies and possibly in coexistent asthma for all the relevant allergens. Studies have shown a long lasting effect from SLIT, which can improve quality of life, and proven it to be safer than allergy shots.

Are there side effects or risks?
Because the serum is all-natural, there are minimal side effects. And unlike allergy shots, sublingual allergy serum is not associated with life-threatening anaphylactic reaction.

How long until patients see results? 

The majority of patients achieve relief from environmental allergy symptoms in three to six months and can then continue on maintenance serum.

How did this treatment come about?

SLIT has been used successfully worldwide for decades to treat environmental allergies.  Recent research, including high-profile studies at Duke and Cambridge Universities, has proven sublingual immunotherapy to be a safe and highly effective treatment for food allergies as well. 


From Allergy Arts Patients:

K.P. suffered from asthma and allergy effects triggered by grass—a big problem for a world-class golfer.

We thought he was constantly sick," recounted K.P.'s mother. "He missed about 25 days of school a year. He was always sneezing, his eyes were red, he was lethargic, his body ached, he was constantly blowing his nose, and his throat was always clogged."

After several months of treatment using oral serum drops, he was symptom-free and back on the golf course.

"I can travel now. I can do things I never dreamed I could do," said K.P.